6-week programme

A Data Fellowship for Civil Society Organizations

About the programme.

Grassroots Civil Society Organizations (herewith CSOs) play a critical role in ensuring citizen-agency. County governments should take advantage of the social capital, skills, and knowledge in CSOs to establish the mechanisms for interaction and co-learning to ensure better data governance practices that ensure data justice to all. But data governance topics are not well understood at the subnational level, as many CSOs have prioritised  a sectoral focus on issues such as health, agriculture, water and governance. Consequently, there are few dialogues on data governance topics in the grassroots community. 

This is a 6-week  programme  that will bring together selected CSOs working at the subnational level to identify, harness and share knowledge and resources that will strengthen their advocacy using data and evidence.  It will further build their capacity on the data supply chain and data governance – bearing in mind both digital/data rights aspects as well as the importance of data in support of decision making in advancing development. After the 6-weeks, participating CSOs will then be engaged to undertake practical tasks on data governance issues from their counties for 6 months.


Making a Case for Data (Kickoff)


What attendees said about our programme


A true eye opener

The program provided us with the tools and knowledge to effectively collect, analyze, and utilize data in our decision making process. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided hands-on training that was easy to understand and apply. The program has greatly improved our ability to make data-driven decisions and has resulted in more efficient and effective government operations. I highly recommend this program to any government agency looking to improve their data management capabilities."

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